Period: 1865-01-01 - 1891-12-30

The following campaigns were known as the Indian Campaigns: Southern Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Nevada between 1865 and 1868; against the Comanches and confederate tribes in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Indian Territory between 1867 and 1875; the Modoc War from 1872 to 1873; against the Apaches in Arizona in 1873; against Northern Cheyenne and Sioux from 1876 to 1877; the Nez Perce War in 1877; the Bannock War in 1878; against the Northern Cheyenne from 1878 to 1879; against the Sheep-Eaters, Paiutes and Bannocks from June to October 1879; against the Utes in Colorado and Utah from September 1879 to November 1880; against the Apaches in Arizona and New Mexico from 1885 to 1886; against the Sioux in South Dakota from November 1890 to January 1891; and against native Americans in any other action in which United States troops were killed or wounded from 1865 to 1891.