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Edward Albert Ostermann

Date of birth: November 23, 1882
Date of death: May 18, 1969
Burial location: Arlington, Virginia
Place of Birth: Ohio, Columbus
Home of record: Columbus Ohio

Edward Ostermann enlisted in the Army in 1899 after two and a half years of study at Ohio Northern University at Ada. He was discharged after serving three years and then re-enlisted in the Army in 1904 until he was honorably discharged by purchase on November 12, 1905 as a Chief Trumpeter with the First Band, Artillery Corps. He was commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1907 and served continuously until his retirement in 1943 as a United States Marine Corps Major General.


Medal of Honor

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Awarded for actions during the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Haiti

The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to First Lieutenant Edward Albert Ostermann, United States Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism in action at Fort Dipitie, Haiti. In company with members of the 15th Company of Marines, all mounted, First Lieutenant Ostermann left Fort Liberte, Haiti, for a six-day reconnaissance. After dark on the evening of 24 October 1915, while crossing the river in a deep ravine, the detachment was suddenly fired upon from three sides by about 400 Cacos concealed in bushes about 100 yards from the fort. The Marine detachment fought its way forward to a good position, which it maintained during the night, although subjected to a continuous fire from the Cacos. At daybreak, First Lieutenant Ostermann, in command of one of the three squads which advanced in three different directions, led his men forward, surprising and scattering the Cacos, and aiding in the capture of Fort Dipitie.

Action Date: October 24, 1915

Service: Marine Corps

Rank: First Lieutenant

Company: 15th Company (Mounted)

Regiment: 2d Marines