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Christopher T. Anthony


Distinguished Flying Cross

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Awarded for actions during the Operation Allied Force

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 2, 1926, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Captain Christopher T. Anthony, United States Air Force, for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as an F-15E Weapon Systems Officer, 494th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, 31st Expeditionary Operations Group, 31st Air Expeditionary Wing Aviano Air Base, Italy, on 11 May 1999. On that date, while his formation was sitting ground alert, he was scrambled against enemy fighters located at Batajnic Airfield on the outskirts of Belgrade, during Operation ALLIED FORCE. Captain Anthony's two-ship launched with no more information than the airfield location. Once airborne he received imagery and the exact aircraft location via data-link through the Rapid Targeting System. This capability, unique to the F-15E, allowed Captain Anthony's formation to successfully launch an Air-to-Ground Missile-130 with near-real time targeting data. Despite the timely information, the highly mobile aircraft had moved from the designated coordinates. Despite this, Captain Anthony managed to find the aircraft with just twenty seconds remaining before missile impact. He acquired and expertly guided the weapon for a direct hit that destroyed the MIG-21 fighter. In addition, he directed his wingman onto a second fighter when it became apparent that target acquisition was in doubt. Captain Anthony's quick thinking and unwavering commitment to the mission resulted in the destruction of two enemy fighters with no loss of friendly aircraft. The professional competence, aerial skill, and devotion to duty displayed by Captain Anthony reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

General Orders: Citation Courtesy of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society -

Action Date: 11-May-99

Service: Air Force

Rank: Captain